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Affordable & Effective Healthcare

Welcome to Emperor's Medicine Community Acupuncture  Sunshine Coast's only permanent Community Acupuncture Clinic

What is Community Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is not typically a one-time solution, and achieving significant clinical results may require regular sessions, especially in the initial stages of treatment. Community acupuncture is a method of delivering acupuncture treatments in a way which prioritizes patient accessibility and affordability. This approach involves treating multiple patients simultaneously in a spacious, open setting.


Although you'll be sharing the space with others, the comfortable recliners are adequately spaced apart, ensuring privacy and minimal disturbance from neighbouring treatments. Soft music is played to foster a tranquil and calming atmosphere.

How Much Does it Cost?

A Community Acupuncture session costs $50 per session.


If you have private health fund you will be able to claim instantly with HICAPS, making the out of pocket cost of treatment even lower.

Why Community Acupuncture?

Unfortunately acupuncture isn’t a once off wonder treatment and in some cases requires regular treatments in the beginning to achieve significant clinical results. The Community Acupuncture service offered by Emperor’s Medicine allows those needing regular treatments an affordable option to access needed healthcare.

How Does it Work?

We have 4 comfortable recliners spaced out in a large and relaxing opening space. Appointments are made 20 minutes apart to allow patients one on one time with the acupuncturist before relaxing into the treatment. All patients receive an hour long treatment.

Do I Need to Take Off Clothes?

In our clinic we predominantly use points in the lower legs, arms and head so no need to worry about removing any clothing. Please however come wearing loose fitting clothing so I may easily access knees and elbows.

Community Clinic Hours

The Community Acupuncture clinic is only open during the following hours:

Mondays         1- 6 pm

Wednesdays   8- 12pm

Fridays            8 - 12 pm  

What is The Difference To a On on One Acupuncture treatment?

Community Acupuncture is a streamlined style of acupuncture to facilitate excellent (and in the case of pain) often immediately discernable changes. 

One-on-one acupuncture treatments provides the opportunity to include additional applicable techniques such as body work (Tui Na), cupping, guasha, auricular acupuncture, infra-red lamp (heat therapy) in addition to acupuncture. I offer one-one acupuncture and herbal consultations outside Community Clinic hours. 

Further, one on one acupuncture offers patients more time for greater depth of discussion about your health complaint, diagnosis and treatment strategy.

Guide to Community Acupuncture

There are a few things we ask that you keep in mind when receiving treatment to help me create a calm, relaxing and healing environment for all patients.

Volume and Privacy

Keep talking to a minimum. To help us maintain a peaceful atmosphere in the treatment space, we ask that people refrain from talking unnecessarily. If you want to have a substantial conversation, we will need to schedule it separately. Likewise, we ask that you hold off on conversations with others around you until you have exited the treatment room.

Practitioner Time Availability and Clinical Discussions

Please be respectful of my time. I am able to offer acupuncture at an affordable price because of the remarkable ability of acupuncture to treat multiple patients per hour. My commitment to you is that I will always deliver the highest quality care possible.

I very much enjoy sharing knowledge to assist you with your healing journey. However during the Community Acupuncture sessions, it is often very busy and this limits the time and depth of conversation I can have with you about: your health situation, how acupuncture works or Chinese Medicine theory (as fascinating as it is) during the Community Acupuncture clinic session.

As our health histories and situations can be complex, especially for internal medicine complaints, at times a more in depth analysis is required.  For this reason I undertake “Initial Consultation” appointments to more thoroughly understand your health needs beyond your immediate symptom you are seeking assistance for.

I also run workshops from time to time on common and more complex health topics which provides an excellent opportunity to explore these areas in more detail.


Be flexible and understanding. As this service is designed to assist as many as possible, we request some flexibility so we can create an environment that welcomes all. For example, many of our patients have a favourite recliner (they are all pretty good though, hard to choose a favourite). When we are busy, someone may be sitting in yours.

Some of our patients even bring favourite pillows or blankets from home with them, because they prefer theirs to ours. Please do whatever you need to do to make yourself comfortable in our community room whilst being respectful of others.

Community Acupuncture provides a wonderful opportunity to received individualised specific treatment for your health needs and  rest whilst the treatment takes effect. I look forward to guiding you and assisting with you health needs. 

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