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We offer advanced acupuncture methods & herbal medicine to patients wanting a whole-body approach to health.  Our clinic is surrounded by scenic nature providing you with the healing space you need.


Our mission is to serve the greatest number of people and assist them to transform their health to be as vibrant and engaged with life as they can be.

WHY Emperor’s Medicine?


Chinese Medicine was developed in the Royal Court of China and was designed to treat the Emperor. It was not practiced ubiquitously in China.


Historically the medicine practised in the villages of China was much less sophisticated.

This is a sophisticated medicine developed by the ancients which was designed to meet the Emperor’s demands.

What did the Emperor demand?


To be highly vital, healthy and full of energy.

The perspective of this medicine is very different to other therapeutic interventions which seek to mitigate symptoms and avoid progression of disease. Therefore whilst acupuncture is known for its ability to assist with pain relief, the scope of the medicine is far greater.

Explore Chinese Medicine to rediscover your vitality for life.

Schedule a consultation to learn more about how Chinese Medicine can support your health needs.




As a registered Doctor (Acupuncturist) with APHRA, I have long been dedicated to natural and Chinese Medicine. I have seen this medicine change lives and it certainly has changed mine.


My passion lies in empowering others with the tools and guidance necessary to transform their health and vitality on a lasting basis.


I have extensive clinical experience in treating mood and sleep disorders, including anxiety and depression, as well as cardiovascular health and chronic pain related issues.



I hold the formal qualification of Bachelor of Health Science – Acupuncture and am registered with Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (APRHA).


Alongside my formal qualification, I have had the privilege of learning from several exceptional practitioners, encompassing both Chinese Medicine and diverse traditional healing methodologies.


This includes an internship with both Heather Bruce (infertility, pregnancy and women’s health) and Ping Smith whom worked as a professor within the hospital system of the People’s Republic of China.


Particularly noteworthy is my training under Robert Doane who runs the largest privately owned Chinese Medical Clinic in the United States in Medical Pulse Diagnosis and a style of acupuncture designed to alleviate chronic persistent pain. I am very grateful for his comprehensive training of clinical diagnostic tools and treatment strategies acquired in the context of an exceedingly high volume clinic spanning several decades.




Prior to dedicating myself to understanding my own body, health, and healing, I pursued studies in business and finance, immersing myself in a corporate career, both in Australia and the Czech Republic. After a decade in the finance sector, my enthusiasm waned, leaving me disheartened and sensing that there must be something more fulfilling for me.


Coinciding with this period, my then-partner, frustrated by persistent allergies and chronic acne despite following medical advice, took charge of her health, exploring and adopting various natural alternatives. This shift directly impacted my own diet which was initially met with resistance.


We often fondly recall my initial mockery of her consumption of goji berries as "bird food." Astonishingly, within six weeks, her allergies and acne vanished, accompanied by notable transformations in my own body. It turned out that humble pie could be surprisingly sweet.


This marked a pivotal juncture in my life, leading me to the discovery of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine through influential mentors. Since then, I've been fortunate to encounter several inspiring teachers whom generously shared their passion and expertise with me. I take great pleasure in imparting this knowledge, along with insights from my own clinical and life experiences, to assist others in unlocking their inner vitality and achieving optimal health.

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